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SYNONYMY NOTE: amateur refers to one who does something for the pleasure of it rather than for pay and often implies a relative lack of skill; a, dilettante is an amateur in the arts, but the word is also applied disparagingly to a superficial dabbler in the arts; novice, neophyte refer to one who is a beginner, hence inexperienced, in some activity, neophyte carrying additional connotations of youthful enthusiasm; tyro refers to an inexperienced but self-assertive beginner and generally connotes incompetence.
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Although one might expect a professional to be better than an amateur, this is not always the case. Someone might be a very good amateur pianist, possibly better than some professionals. In some jobs it would be impossible for amateurs to be allowed to work.
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a painting obviously done by an amateur.; in sports it may also suggest not so much lack of skill but avoidance of direct remuneration. remained an amateur despite lucrative offers. dilettante may apply to the lover of an art rather than its skilled practitioner but usually implies elegant trifling in the arts and an absence of serious commitment. An Amateur artikelen kopen? Alle artikelen online.
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a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity: Hunting lions is not for amateurs. a person who admires something; devotee; fan: an amateur of the cinema. characteristic of or engaged in by an amateur; nonprofessional: an amateur painter; amateur tennis.
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Use amateur in a sentence. An amateur is an individual who is new to, or not yet skilled in, a particular skill or sport. An example of an amateur is someone who enjoys and studies astronomy as a hobby but not as a professional.
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amateur amateur 2 adjective 1 doing something for pleasure, or done for pleasure, and not as a job OPP professional an amateur golfer amateur dramatics British English producing or acting in plays for pleasure 2 amateurish It was a very amateur performance.
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He was an amateur singer until the age of 40, when he turned professional. relating to an activity, especially a sport, where the people taking part do not receive money.: The firm produces kits for amateur car constructors. an amateur photographer.
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In another key component, the band sponsored a female athlete and an amateur in each sport. The top amateur is recognized with a special green leader's' jersey after each stage. As an amateur, Uhalt turned down football scholarship offers to pursue professional baseball.

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